Rooms & beds with shared bathroom

Breakfast, VAT, city tax and up to 15% discount
compared to other online travel agents are all
included in the prices.

Due the COVID-19 measurements we will ensure to have a maximum of 3 guests in our 6-persons shared rooms, unless you are part of a household – in this case you may book the entire room. Guests are placed in 3 beds making sure to follow the 1.5 meter distance rule. Upon check in you will be assigned a bed number, please make sure to use the bed assigned to you.

Rooms & beds with private bathroom

Bed in dorm

1 single bed

1 person room

Single bed

2 person room

Bunk bed

3 person room

1 single bed, 1 bunk bed

4 person room

2 bunk beds

5 person room

1 single bed, 2 bunk beds

6 person room

3 bunk beds

Family room

Double bed + 2 bunk beds

All rooms have

  •  Unique keycard
  •  Air conditioning
  •  Free Wi-Fi
  •  Hairdryer
  •  Bed linen
  •  Towels
  •  Tasty breakfast
  •  Smoke-free rooms
  •  Parking within walking distance
  •  Safe (or private lockers)
  •  Box spring mattress
  •  Flatscreen TV
  •  Telephone
  •  Heavy curtains
  •  Double glazing

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